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ive been slack on the bloggin….. AGAIN ………

i managed to start updating my ILG blog last week….

not sure where to start here, so ill just run off some of the pieces from the ILG.

In between my crazy working hours ive managed to get a bit of painting in over the last few months. its headphones on – sanity time……

i started a fun series called – CandyBar Boogie ! same colour pallet – white sugar outlines …. its been a lot of fun !

here’s some of the bits and pieces ….. full photos coming soon or check here in the meantime.

hope ya diggg



This is why im HOT – SWET & SOFLES

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The one man Danish wrecking Ball – SWET – hooks up with the man on a mission – SOFLES – at the roskilde 2013 festival.

This is why they are monsters in the game !

hiroshi fujiwara mixes

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some great mixes by the man – hiroshi fujiwara   !



kendick lamar * Jayz

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The remix !

Jay Z kills it !


Dapper Dan

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it had been a while since i had thought of the man known as Dapper Dan.

Of corse i knew of him by growing up with hip hop, but it was when hearing people in Harlem tell me about his absolute significance in ‘street style’ that i realised how much respect the man holds !

this is a great little interview with him !


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quote of the decade……”art in its purest cant be downloaded”

and incase your unfamiliar…..


Tony Hawk * Pharrell

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some simpler flows with the candy bar color combos !


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One of the freshest stylers in the graffiti game !

PURE has finally launched his site, featuring his art on walls, books, paper and canvas.

Some people still dont actually know who this man is STYLE wise.

enjoy a glimpse !

straighten it out

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super good mix to start the new year off !