Happy 2014

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Its been a good year.

a few different battles but for the most part, all the little goals got done.

I had a good time painting too.

finished off last year with beginning my candy bar boogie themed pieces and had a lot of fun during the year knocking these out.

Here’s to everyone that came through and or i spent time with.

Wishing you all the best for 2014.

smiles for miles

Here’s a few from the last couple of months


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E isms

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everybody loves good E

a little

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still at it : @atomeboogie



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out of Sydney, these guys have been making music for a while now

I caught this track on a graf video and….. yeps i slept on it for sure.

Big BASS !


check them out… they have their latest track on the site. cool clip too !

some beats

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these are a few of the beats on heavy rotation at the moment…

Wu Block… some killer tracks…. 2 i especially like…


Jay-Z ….. cant deny it… i dig most of this album…

BBC / NAS ” my whole life is leisure … gangsta lean like the pisa….. ”


and for some heavy heavy BASS…. These have been almost non-stop

TheHomey BDP – so good…. slick rick esq… with the bass and clip to go with it !

must be played LOUD !


Juicy J & The Weekend… ! i like this


and def some of the better HIP HOP ive heard in a while….